Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. is a champion for education, an ally for criminal justice reform, and a friend of the environment.

Curtis Jones, Jr. Discussions

Curtis Jones, Jr. Track Record

Environmental Protections

  • Created protections to preserve Manatawna Farms
  • Community benefits agreement for Walnut Lane and Cobbs Creek Golf Course
  • Daylighting of Indian Creek in Morris Park
  • Centennial Lake
  • Marcellus Shale

Women’s Issues

  • Supported legislation crucial to working women:

    • paid sick leave
    • pay equity
    • fair work week
    • changing stations
    • pre-K  
  • Human Relations Commissioner (reviewing sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases, including the Grandview Golf Club case)
  • Minority Business Enterprise Corporation (facilitated more contracts for women than any other elected official)
  • Co-sponsored hearings on human trafficking
  • Increased dollars towards beds for domestic violence victims and witness protection relocation funding for women

Public Safety

  • Chair - Public Safety Committee
  • Member - Special Committee on Gun Violence Reduction
  • Commissioner - Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency
  • Sponsor - Gun Locks Program
  • Increased funding for critical public safety programming:
    • witness protection
    • Police Assisted Diversion Program
  • Police Body Camera Program
  • Safe Avenues Program (a weekly communication process between 7 schools that created safe and efficient corridors)
  • Public Safety Officers

Criminal Justice Reform

“Closing Prisons and Opening Opportunities”

  • Chair - Special Committee on Criminal Justice Reform
  • Member - Philadelphia County Criminal Justice Advisory Board
  • Decriminalization of Marijuana Possession
  • Decriminalization of Other Offenses (disorderly conduct, public drunkeness, defiant trespass “Starbucks issue”)
  • Helped to close House of Corrections
  • Expanded Philadelphia Youth Courts
  • Bail Reform
  • Day Reporting Center Project
  • Handy Man Program
  • Criminal Justice Reinvestment


  • Increase Career Technical Education Opportunities in Overbrook and Randolph High Schools
  • Multimedia Studios - Overbrook, Roxborough, Barry
  • Internship Tax Credit
  • Increase dollars for Summer Job Experience
  • Prevented School Closures
  • Safe Avenues Program (a weekly communication process between 7 schools that created safe and efficient corridors)
  • Working on program to create avenue for non-traditional cutting edge careers (aquaponics/hyrdoponics)
  • Opened KIPP + Global
  • Saved Beeber
  • Access to Pre-K

Neighborhood Economic Development

  • Presby Life at Wynnefield Place
  • Wynne Ball Room
  • Achieve-ability Housing Improvement
  • New Market West
  • Substantial Improvements to 4th District’s Commercial Corridors
  • Historic Preservation District
  • Zoning Remaps + Overlays
  • Handy Man Program

Affordable Housing

  • Passed Good Cause Legislation (unanimous vote!!!)
  • Moratorium on Sheriff Sales
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program
  • Achieve-ability housing improvements
  • Basic system home repairs program
  • lateral preservation

Workers Rights and Protections

  • Organized Labor Ally
  • Fought for living wages for airport workers x2 (3,000 workers = 3,000 families helped)
  • Participated at the bargaining table for the Transit Workers Union
  • Sponsored and Voted for Fair Work Week Legislation
  • Negotiated Septa Police Workers Raises
  • Negotiated Contracts for TWU x2
  • Negotiated Contracts for DC 33/47 (refused to vote on last budget until workers got a raise)
  • Negotiated Contract for W Hotel (would not finalize contract until Unite Here workers received labor peace)

Social and Economic Equity

  • Commissioner - Human Relations Commission
  • Ban the Box Law / Fair Chance Hiring Act
  • Ban the box for Colleges Hearing (+subsequent letter sent to local area colleges)
  • Minority Enterprise Development Week


  • Parkside Fields (first shovel ready Rebuild Project; being done with a minority contractor)
  • John C. Anderson and Wynnefield Library - 54th & Overbrook Avenue (proposed total cost of project $500K).
  • BWAP Recreation site - 53rd & Euclid Street (proposed total cost of project $4 million).
  • Carroll Park - 58th & Girard Avenue (total cost of project $400K)
  • David P. Montgomery Baseball Field - 5001 Hermit Lane (total cost of project $300K)
  • Gorgas Park - 6300 Ridge Avenue (proposed total cost of project $200K)
  • Granahan Skate Park - 65th & Callowhill Street (total cost of project $200K)
  • Kendrick Recreation Center - 5822 Ridge Avenue (total cost of project $750K)
  • Manyunk Towpath - Off of Main Street & The Canal (proposed total cost of project $600K).
  • McMichael Park - Corner of Henry Avenue & Midvale Avenue (proposed total cost of project (250K)
  • Overbrook Park Library - 7422 & Haverford Avenue (proposed total cost of project $400K)
  • Al Pearlman Complex - 600 Port Royal Avenue (total cost of project $200K)
  • Pretzel Park - 4300 Silverwood Street (proposed total cost of project $325K)
  • Rose Playground - 1300 N. 75th Street (total cost of project $300K)
  • Roxborough Library - 6245 Ridge Avenue (total cost of project $100K)
  • Shepard Recreation Center - 5700 Haverford Avenue (total cost of project $750K)
  • Triangle Park - 5425-65R Upland Way - (total cost of project 450K)
  • Wissahickon Neighbors Park - 3901 Terrace Street (total cost of project $350K)
  • Woodside Park - 3910 Conshohocken Avenue - (total cost of project $300K)